My Picks: Ray-bans on Sale

If you guys don’t already know, I am a sunglass addict. I will admit it. Thats the first step to recovery. So when I found these ray-bans sale, I was jumping for joy. I am constantly buying new pairs of shades, loosing them, breaking them, giving them away to people. So for those reasons, I have a hard time spending a lot on a pair. However, when they are on sale it is a little bit easier and I do my best to keep track of where I place them and take good care of them. So, since I am so excited about these shades being on sale, I just had to share my favorite picks with you guys. When I say on sale, I really mean ON SALE. Like, half off kind of sale, but only until Sunday. Check out my picks below!

Raybans on sale


From Left to Right; Tortoise wayfarer, Black and gold framed wayfarer, Black with dark lens wayfarer, Black with light lens wayfarer, Tortoise with dark lens wayfarer, Clear frame and mirror lens ray bansĀ 

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4 Essie nail polishes every girl needs for Spring

When it comes to nail polish, I mostly stick to darker colors on my toes and dark or light, but neutral colors for my fingers. But once Spring comes along, I get a sudden urge to wear fun bright and pastel colors. Its a fun way to accessorize and add some extra color to your look. I have also found that I am a die hard fan of Essie nail polishes. I love there huge color selection, love the applicator brush, and love how smooth the polish goes on. So I have decided to share my 4 must have Essie Nail polishes for Spring. I already have a couple but the others are definitely on my shopping list. So click through below using the arrow on the right hand side, or check out Nordstrom for an awesome selection of Essie polishes.

What are your favorite Essie nail polishes for this spring? xx


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